Posted on June 25, 2011

Even though there are many types of games for slot machines the basic principle still remains the same. There are a few feature differences in how a slot machine will pay its players. These features are called flat tops, straight tops and progressive pay outs. Flat tops and straight tops will always pay a fixed amount; whereas progressive will pay a winner different amounts depending on how high the jackpot has risen by how many players are actually playing

Flat tops and straight tops are stand alone slot machines whereas progressive is a group of slot machines linked together to build the progressive jackpot slot. The more people playing on a progressive jackpot slot will build the jackpot at a fast rate. Progressive jackpot slots can be played in land based casinos as well as globally by playing online slot machines.

Flat top Slots & Straight Slots: These slot machines will pay according to a payout table within a specific combination of symbols appear on the reels

Progressive Slots: The progressive slots play in the similar way as any other slot machine; the only difference is that many are trying for the same jackpot. Progressive slots, mean exactly how they sound, they progressively grow as more plays are made.

Of course there are many variations of themes for slot machines but all basically are the same things with the same goal or theory behind them. With the many different types of themes, coin denominations and multiple play line, most slot machines offer bonus rounds, bonus games and multiple ways of pay out.

Slot machines used to be three reels and even sometimes up to five reels, but now have varied to multiline, video, and interactive slots. Long gone are the days of pulling a lever to trigger the reels to spin.

Slot Machine Themes

Wildcard – Just as in card games, this symbol will act as an alternative for a symbol that is needed to win a play. You have better chances for a payout if this wildcard symbol is hit. Many times slot machines often go into bonus rounds when a wildcard is activated on any reel or payout line.

The Multiplier Payline – This is where the number of coins played will enhance or multiply the payout. The higher the coins played, the higher the payout will be when the multiplier symbol appears on the screen.

The Bonus Multiplier Slots – The exact same thing as above, the only difference is , you could also activate a bonus round or bonus game when max bet is played.

Multiple Payline Slot – Many slot machines have multiple line play, where you can pick how many lines you want to bet on. Many slot machines have 20+ lines, the more lines you bet, the better chance of a win. The best chances of winning the jackpot is to play max lines and max bet. This will take the maximum number of coins and multiply it by the maximum number of lines being played.

Buy-a-Pay Slot – This slot machine allows you to bet on your own payout table by giving you a choice. There are different combinations that will increase your chances of winning.

Slot Machine Denominations

Quarter and dollar slot machines tend to be the most popular, with nickel and penny slots coming in close behind. Nickel slots are still available but usually are only found in small gaming areas such as restaurants, gas stations and convenience stores. For many high rolling slot players, there are a wider variety of denomination machines that range from $2, $5, $10, $25, and even $100 dollar slot machines. These types of machines can be quite pricey when you play the max bet, so make sure that your bankroll can handle these types of betting practices.

With the wide variety of slot machines offering multiple denominations for play, it’s not hard to find a game that will fit into your bankroll or budget.

Slot Machine Types

Most of us are pretty familiar with the old slot machines that at one time were called fruit machines. These slot machines basically came with three reels, today however slot machines are offered with four and sometimes five reels of play. Back in the day, once called the one armed bandit, the mechanical slot machine was only activated by pulling a lever to trigger the reels to spin. In some casinos you will see today’s version of the fruit machine, along with the lever or one armed bandit for nostalgia reasons. Even though the lever is there mostly for looks, the slot machine is programmed to let the lever work as the same as the betting button. Many of the older generation still likes to use the lever if for no other reason except it brings back memories.

Today, there are the same variations of slot machines, minus the lever. Slot machines are now activated by simply pushing a betting button.

Video slots are becoming so popular due to the interactive graphics, dynamic sounds and the fun variations of games that they are almost to replace the standard three reel slot machine.

Poker slot machines have also taken over many card enthusiasts by the simplistic games that can be played of the same poker nature. Many progressive slots allow video poker players to play or bet against one another to keep the feel of a real card game.

Slot machines have come a long ways since the first slot machine version of the Liberty Bell game that was invented by Charles Fey in 1887.

All the variations in slot machines have enabled casino owners to expand their gaming industry to the internet. Online slots have become increasing popular due to the simple fact of enabling casino players to play and win in the comfort of their own home. Not only have the games expanded, but so have the casinos themselves. The changes that have been made over the years are great to some extent, but on the other hand, things are still the same, you insert your money and you play to win!