Autoplay: Slots function allowing to set the slot machine reels spinning automatically according to the determined parameters. As a rule, autoplay or also speed play feature is a special button which allows to choose the autoplay settings: the number of spins, number of seconds between the spins (if skill stop feature is available) and when to stop the reels – on any win, when jackpot is won, etc. Autoplay function is good to use when you always play the same amount of money with each spin or just need to leave slot machine for some time.



Bank: A row of slot machines. Machines in a bank are often the same or similar style of game.

Bankroll: Amount of gambling dollars you are ready and can afford to wager or lose when playing casino games online or offline. Bankroll is a key element of any gambling strategy that can help to decrease the losses to the minimum. Under the slots strategy, the player must set the bankroll before going to casino and choose slot machine according to it; also learn to “stretch” money and pocket the winnings.

Bankroll Management: You should always know how to manage your bankroll to avoid loses. Bankroll management will help you with this.

Basic Machines: Slot machines with a simple, straightforward payout scheme.

Blank: An empty spot on a slot machine reel between two symbols. This is the most common result of a slot machine spin. Sometimes also called a ghost.

Big Bertha: An oversized slot machine from the electro-mechanical slots era, characterized by a huge handle, and containing eight to ten reels.

Bet Max: A maximum amount of credits that can be bet at a time for each spin. Usually to bet the maximum amount the player just need to press Bet Max (or Play Max Credits) button and the bet will be made automatically. At most slot machines in order to claim for progressive jackpot the players must Bet Max, otherwise they won’t be paid even if there is a winning combination on the reels.

Bonus: Slot machine feature activated when certain symbols or a combination of symbols appear on the screen. Some bonuses may be as free rounds of the game, others may be an extra win which multiplies the wins on the lines by specific number in the paytable and the rest may be as wild symbols and stand for any other on the reel. Or free money promotion for first-time or regular players which is paid to attract players to join online casino.

Bonus Feature: Free spins and/or a bonus round available on some slot machines.

Bonus Round: Slot games which offer additional bonus round or game on the reel or second screen allowing earn some extra money.

Buy-a-play machine: Slot machine at which the gambler should play multiple coins to claim for varied-symbol and higher payouts. This means that the more you play, the more you can win. Such machines are common for land gambling halls, however online casinos can also provide this feature, such as at progressive slots.

Bonus Slots Game: A winning spin on a video slot will allow a player to play a “bonus slots game” (similar to a video game) that gives them a chance to increase their winnings.

Bonus Slots Multipliers: Slots that offer a higher jackpot if the player bets “Max Coins”. Also known as jackpot slots.

Buy-in Tournaments: Slots tournaments that take an entry fee from each participant to make up the prize pot.

Buy-your-Pay: Each coin triggers a specific symbol payout. For example, one coin might trigger cherries to pay while two coins might trigger cherries and bars to pay, and three coins might trigger cherries, bars and 7s to pay.



Candle: A light indicator on the slot machine, which flashes to alert the operator that there is a problem.

Carousel: A grouping of slots which usually stand in a circle or oval formation. This also can be a small group of slot machines located at gas station, bar, airport or any other place. Carousel also refers to the linked slot machines that provide one big progressive jackpot. In such case slot machines can be not located one by one or even at the same gambling floor or casino.

Cashback: A rebate awarded by a casino to members of its slot club for reaching certain predetermined thresholds of play.

Cash Box: A special box which accumulates coins at slot machines. This container is removable one, however, don’t be afraid that something can go wrong and you won’t be paid because the cash box is empty. All slot machines are regularly checked and even if you have some troubles with the payouts, wait for the casino employee at slot machine (don’t leave it in any case!) to get the problem solved.

Cash Out: A special button allowing to receive the payouts or coins that haven’t been played. This feature is common for land casinos only, however today many online casinos also offer Vegas-style games with Cash out option.

Change Person: Casino worker that provides change to slot players.

Cheats: Can also be made available on the internet or through emailed newsletters for subscribers. These cheats give the player the impression of an advantage, whereas in reality the payout percentage remains exactly the same. The most widely-used cheat is known as Hold after a nudge and increases the chance that the player will win following an unsuccessful nudge. The cheats give the player an incentive to play the latest games.

Choppy Game: Slot game at which the player hasn’t been winning for a long. This game is very difficult to win due to high house advantage and low payback. The players usually call such slot machines as tight slots. If you feel that the slot machine you play at is choppy, don’t expect that it is due to pay eventually. The best recommendation here is to quit it and play at another slot machine.

Coin Hopper: A storage for the coins from which the coins are transferred to the tray when a player wins.

Coin-Free Play: Slot machine play that involves using printed tickets or multi-credit tokens instead of coins.

Coin Size: The size of a bet on a single spin. For instance, if you wish to play a quarter slot machine, the coin size is a quarter.

Coins Per Spin: At some slot machines players are able to choose the quantity of coins they bet per spin. In addition, these machines set a max amount of coins you can bet per spin, and thus the jackpot may be won only in case you bet the max amount of coins.

Comps: Rewards for slot players, such as free buffets, souvenirs, even free hotel rooms. The higher and more often a player bets, the faster the player’s comp points accumulate.

Computer Selection Table: The table in the computer chip that contains all possible symbol combinations and provides the designated payout percentage. The spinning reels are simply a visual enhancement; the computer table determines the outcome of each spin.

Credit Amount: This shows the player how many reel spins they still have left.

Credit Button: It is the button that allows players to bank coins in the form of credits when playing slot machines or video slot machines.

Credit Meter: It is an L.E.D. indicator displaying the balance credit available for playing.

Crossroader: A term used for casino cheat which is rarely used today. It comes from the times of Old West when the gamblers cheated at saloons and gambling halls by the crossroads. These days slots are impossible to cheat as all they are programmed and cannot be fixed by the player to pay out more.



Denomination: The value of coins played at slot machine. When you play both online and offline the casinos usually have different slot games to offer – $5, $1, $0.5, $0.25, $0.05, etc. slots and multi-denomination slot machines which allow the players to choose any coin denomination they want to play rather than always bet the set amount. The slot machines that allow to make big bets are known as high-roller slots.

Dime Machine: When referring to a machine’s denomination, a dime can be 10c, $10 or $100. Check your machine carefully in land based casinos for its denomination before playing.

Double Progressive Slots: Slot machines with two independent progressive jackpots that can be won for getting different combinations. Each jackpot grows on its own and can be won at any moment not depending on another jackpot. When playing online, you can also try slots with two jackpots – minor and major ones.

Double Machines: When designated symbols line up, double machines pay double or triple winnings.

Doubler: A slot machine that pays double winnings if a designated symbol lands in conjunction with other paying symbols.

Down Slot: The slot machine has a low average payout.

Drop Through: A coin that drops through to the tray without registering before the spin. Drop throughs can result in a player mistakenly playing fewer than max coins.

Drop Box: A container that collects extra coins from the coin hopper inside the slot machine.



Edge: The difference between true odds on a bet and the payout for a winning bet. Also known as house advantage.

EGM: Electronic Gaming Machine; an electronic (reel or video) slot machine.

Electromechanical Slots: Slot machines based on electromechanical technique rather than special gaming software. Electromechanical slots cannot be found these days at land casinos, they are out of date because they are not as random as the modern ones. Moreover, such machines are easy to cheat.

Even Money: Casino payout of 1 to 1. This means that if the player bets, for example, $5 and wins even money bet, he receives his bet back and is paid out $5 more ($10 in total). This bet is typical for table games only and doesn’t refer to slot machine payouts.

Eye In The Sky: Security cameras installed in casino halls to tape the action and prevent cheats and frauds. In card games even each card is scanned by the so-called “hole” cameras to reveal all the cheaters.



Fill: A full hopper.

Five Reel Slots: Online slots with five reels of symbols on which to get a winning combination.

Flat-Top Slots: These non-progressive slots have a constant top payout that does not change regardless of how often the machine is played or how much money is accumulated. The jackpot in a flat-top is often called a “static” jackpot.

Fortune Coin: The first video slot machine invented by Fraley in 1975.

Fraud: A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain. Slot Fraud is a growing problem and you can count here any kind of cheating or trickery.

Free Money: Casino credit to try slot machines and to become familiar before playing for real money.

Free Slots Games: Free slots games are typically flash version no download games in online casinos that do not require a player to wager real money. Intended as a means of allowing players to test the casino software and familiarize themselves with game rules. Free slots games are relatively new online gaming features. Do not forget to try our free games. Those are unique and you can’t find them anywhere else.

Free Spins: Bonus games in which the player can win for a certain combination a number of extra free spins up to 100 spins.

Fruit slots: Slot machines that use any fruit symbols on the reels. First fruit slot machines installed in saloons and bars featured the symbols of cherries, lemons, watermelons, peaches, apples, bananas, etc. Today traditional fruit slots are among the most popular slot machines.

Full Pay Machines: Slot machines paying a larger payoff for full-coin pay.

Fun money: Slot games available at online casinos for free (for fun money).



Gaming Machines: Official name for slot machines in Australia. Australian-style gaming machines frequently use video displays to simulate physical reels, usually five. These machines have additional bonusing and second-screen features such as free games and bonus levels. They also allow for multiple lines or multiple ways to be played.

Games: Games you can play on some slot machines when reaching bonus round. Different developers use different games and in most of the cases you can win a lot of money during those special rounds. Some of those mini games can bring you small fortune.

Ghost: An empty spot on a slot machine reel between two symbols. This is the most common result of a slot machine spin. Also called blank.



Hand Pay: When a player receives a cash payment from a slot attendant. This usually occurs when the pay is not correct or too large for the slot machine to pay automatically.

High Roller: Slots gambler who plays for high stakes only. Experienced high rollers usually choose high-denomination slot machines and tend to bet only maximum amount of coins. At most casinos high-roller players have many advantages such as multiple casino comps and special bonuses.

Hit: To get a winning combination. Slang term for a win on a slot machine.

Hit Rate or Hit Frequency: The rate or frequency at which a slot machine pays. Some slots may have a high win rate but low payouts for each win; others may have a low win at slots but higher payouts. It is also known as win rate.

Hold: The difference between the amounts of money a slot machine takes in and the amount it must, by law, pay out. This is the source of a slot machine’s profits.

Hold Button: Button used for holding reels with specific symbols. Use this to right to maximize your chance of winning.

Hold Percentage: The slots machine holdback percentage is exactly the opposite of the payback percentage. For example, the hold percentage would be 4%, holding $4 of every $100 played over time for the casino.

Hold & Respin Game: A slot machine that permits the player to hold the results of one or more reels and spin the remaining reels a 2nd time in an attempt to improve the result.

Hopper: The location inside the slot machine where the money is stored.

Hopper Fill Slip: It is a document used to record the replenishments of the coin in the coin hopper after it becomes depleted as a result of making payouts to players. The slip indicates the amount of coin placed into the hoppers, as well as the signatures of the employees involved in the transaction, the slot machine number and the location and the date.

Hot Slot Machine: Any slot machine that has just paid out or the one which pays off more than takes in. Some players believe that such slot machine is due to pay again after it has already made a payout. But this is just slots myth as all the machines are totally random and the game outcome doesn’t depend on the previous results.

House Edge: Casino advantage over the players shown in percentage. In slots instead of the house edge the casinos or slot machine manufacturers show payback, also in percentage. This is very important point when choosing slot game as it indicates how much money machine pays out of the total sum inserted.



Instant Casino: Online casino where you don´t need to download any application and all you need is only your browser because is everything is served through it. This online casino is also called no download casino or nodownload casino.

Instant play: Game which can be played directly at online casino website with no need to download the software.



Jackpot: The biggest prize a player can win from a slot machine. This can be a static or progressive payout.



Liberty Bell: The first slot machine invented by Fey in 1887. Liberty Bell was a huge success and spawned a thriving mechanical gaming device industry. Even when the use of these gambling devices was banned in his home state after a few years, Fey still couldn’t keep up with demand for the game elsewhere. Liberty Bell machine was so popular that it was copied by many slot machine manufacturers.

Linked Slots: Slot machines that are linked together in a way that allows a group of machines to offer a particularly large prize or jackpot. Each slot machine in the group contributes a small amount to this progressive jackpot, awarded to a player who gets, for example, a royal flush on a video poker machine or a specific combination of symbols on a regular or nine-line slot machine.

Loose Machine: Slot machine with the higher payback compared to the other slot machines of the same type. Loose slots are usually programmed to return 82-98% of the wagered money or even more if you play slots online. The opposite to loose slot machines are tight slots.

Loose Slots: Slots that offer lower payout but a greater chance of winning something.

Low Level: Slots that are played sitting down.

Low Roller: A small player who is not betting much and playing the lowest possible bets.



Maximum Bet: The maximum number of coins that can be wagered on any spin. Also called Max bet.

MEAL: Machine entry authorization log is a log of the employee’s entries into the slot machine.

Megabucks: Giant progressive slot machines popular in the United States. Megabucks slots are linked with each other within a casino to provide huge jackpot that can reach several millions. Moreover, Megabucks located in different casinos are linked within the whole state to create a network with one big jackpot like the national lottery.

Mills Slots: The predecessor to modern slots: the first to use standard fruit symbols, the first with a jackpot invention credited to Charles Fey.

Minimum Bet: Press Bet One to bet the minimum amount on a single spin.

Money Honey: In 1963, Bally developed the first fully electromechanical slot machine called Money Honey, although earlier machines such as the High Hand draw poker machine by Bally had exhibited the basics of electromechanical construction as early as 1940. The electromechanical approach of the 1960s allowed Money Honey to be the first slot machine with a bottomless hopper and automatic payout, of up to 500 coins, without the help of an attendant. The popularity of this slot machine led to the increasing predominance of electronic games, and the side lever soon became vestigial

Money Management: Also know as bankroll management is wise slots strategy that allows to stretch gaming bankroll wisely and avoid big losses. As a rule, wise money management strategy includes: dividing the bankroll into several parts for playing at different machines, setting bet limits for each spin or slot machine, pocketing the winnings or percentage from the winnings, etc.

Multi-coin Slot Game: A slot that allows wagers of two or more coins for each payline in a multiline game.

Multi-denomination Machine: A slot machine at which the player can bet coins of different value. At such slot machines the players usually can choose not only the value of coins (for example, $0.05, $0.1, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $5), but also the number of coins they wish to bet per line.

Multi-line Slot: A slot machine that has multiple pay lines. Many video slot machines have up to fifteen paylines. Players can choose to play multiple lines by paying multiple bets.

Multiplier: A special slot symbol that multiplies the winnings when occurring on the reels. This may be special symbol used as multiplier or any other symbol on the reels that creates winning combination and also multiplies the wins.

Multiplier Slots: Machines that pay on a graduated scale. For example, a winner plays one coin and receives 5 coins, pays 2 coins and receives 10 or more coins, etc.

Multisite Progressive: Also called a wide area progressive. This is a slot machine that is linked electronically to a network of slot machines of the same game at different casinos, with coins wagered on all connected machines going toward a single jackpot.



Near Misses: One-half turn of one reel away from a jackpot. The computer selection table can include many near misses for each actual jackpot hit.

Nickel Machine: When referring to a machine’s denomination, a dime can be 5c, $5 or $50. Check your machine carefully for its denomination before playing slot machine.

No Deposit Bonus: A special bonus when casino is giving free money to new players. This money is always provided with certain wagering requirements to avoid abuse of this bonus.

No Download Casino or Nodownload Casino: Online casino where you don´t need to download any application and all you need is only your browser because is everything is served through it. This online casino is also called instant casino.

Nudge: The nudge button is unique to UK style fruit machines and can work well used in conjunction with the Hold button (if you get this option). Use the nudge button to nudge down symbols, step by step to make a full line of like for like symbols.

Number of Coins Bet: The number of coins bet is always a multiple of the coin size For example, if you’re playing a 25¢ slot machine and you deposit three quarters or in any manner bet 75¢ on a spin, your number of coins bet is three.



One Armed Bandit: The classic name for slot machines. The history of this name lies in the fact that the slot machines had a lever that was used to start spinning the reels.

Online Casino: Online version of land based casinos. You can play your favorite slot machines from your living room.

Online Slots: Slot machine games played via computer in an online casino. Online slots come in two forms: download slots (you download the slots software to your computer) and flash or java slots (you connect to the slots software on the casino’s website).

Onesies: Slang term a player who plays one coin at a time.

Optimal Play: Payback percentage which is based on the optimal strategy. It refers only to strategies for playing skill-based slot machines. In all other cases when playing traditional slots it cannot influence the game results.



Pachinko: Traditional Japanese game, in Japan more common than slot machines.

Patterns: Random short-term statistical trends, not to be confused with long-term statistical averages. The short-term trend may be better or worse than the long-term average.

Pachisuro or Pachislo: Japanese slot machines are a descendant of the traditional Japanese pachinko game. Slot machines are a fairly new phenomenon and they can be found in mostly in pachinko parlors and the adult sections of amusement arcades, known as game centers.

Pay Cycle: The cycle according to which the machine pays out the big and small winnings to players. However, according to the statistics, this is not true as modern slot machines pay out according to the RNG. And nothing depends on a pay cycle.

Pay For Play Machines: Slot machines with the option of playing 1-3 coins. Winnings are proportionally higher for each additional coin after the first coin (called a staggered payout).

Pay Schedule: Also called the pay table. This is a listing that is usually found on the face (or video screen) of a slot machine that details the amounts paid for each winning combination.

Payline: The winning line or lines on a casino slot machine, as indicated by the pay table.

Payout: The amount a slot machine awards a customer for a particular win.

Pay Table: The chart on a slot machine that shows how much money is won on every type of winning combination.

Payback: The winnings a machine pays out in relation to the amount of money put in, stated as a percentage.

Payout Percentage: The amount of every wager put into a slot machine that is given back to the customer as a win, or payout. For example, a slot machine with a 98% payout percentage will payout $98 for every $100 wagered over a long period of time.

Plowing In: Betting with your winning in a slot machine. This action is not recommended as it defeats the primary purpose of playing: walking away with more money than you had when you started.

Poker machines or Pokies: Slang term for slot machines in Australia. Officially are those slot machines termed Gaming Machines. Australian-style gaming machines frequently use video displays to simulate physical reels, usually five. These machines have additional bonuses and second-screen features such as free games and bonus levels. They also allow for multiple lines or multiple ways to be played.

Primary Jackpot: The big jackpot for any machine’rarely hit.

Progressive: Slots offering the largest jackpots. Slot Machines have a base jackpot figure which grows with each coin played. After a jackpot is won, the slot machine is reset to the base jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot: The top jackpot that grows progressively as more coins are dropped into the slot machine. Slot machines are sometimes linked together among several casinos to form a larger combined jackpot.

Progressive Slots: A linked group of slots with a growing common jackpot. The amount of the jackpot depends on the amount of money played in all slot machines. When a jackpot is won, the jackpot is reset to the low jackpot, where it begins to accumulate again with each coin played.

Progressive Ticker or Progressive Meter: The meter or ticker that shows you how much the progressive jackpot is worth on the slot machine. Not all slots have progressives.



Quarter Slot Machine: When referring to a machine’s denomination, a quarter can be 25c, $25 or $250. Check your slot machine carefully for its denomination before playing to avoid playing slots you can’t afford.



Rain on the Roof: The clattering sound of coins falling into the metal bin after a big slot payout. In many cases, unoccupied machines will play a prerecorded track of this sound in an attempt to attract players.

Random Jackpot: The random jackpot feature in the video slots is the off-the reel feature that drops down randomly at the end of any spin.

Random Number Generator or RNG: The Random Number Generator or the software that generates the random combinations in video slots. Its sole purpose is to generate a sequence of numbers in milliseconds. Each random number it generates corresponds to a reel combination.

Reels: The number of symbols in each combination.

RFB: Casino comp for “room, food, and beverage”. RFB casino package is usually provided for regular players, the members of slot clubs and high-rollers who spend much money on slot games. Smaller bettors can benefit from “RF” package which includes only free room and beverages.

Rollup: The sound and light effects that follow a hit.

Rhythm Method: A technique players use in order to time the spins on a slot machine. Since most slot machines dictate their results based on 1/1000th of a second, this method is useless.



Scam: Any scheme or company to cheat a casino. There are known many scams at card and other table games while slots are considered to be the most resistant to any kinds of cheating.

Scared Money: Money the player can’t afford to lose. This may be savings or borrowed money the player was not going to spend on gambling. In order to escape such situations the player must use wise bankroll management strategy every time he goes to casino or plays at online casino.

Scatter: A special symbol on the reels which is used to create combination which pays jackpot or any of the bonuses.

Second Screen Bonus: A bonus game in a multiline video slot in which the reels disappear and a new scene/screen is presented to the player for the bonus round.

Session: A defined period of time to play the slots or to play on one slot machine, rather than endless play with no built-in goals or stop loss.

Short Pay: A part of a payout made to the player due to a lack of coins in slot machine. The rest of the winning can be paid when the slot machine will be re-filled or as a hand pay from the casino employee.

Short Run: A short period of time spent at slot machine. This term which is opposite to “long run” is usually used in different slot strategies which cover betting limits and time frames.

Short Win: Large jackpot won in a short period of time with a small cash outlay.

Sizzling Slot: A slot with a high payoff.

Skill Stop: Slots option which allow the player to stop the spinning reels by himself at any point of the game.

Slot arcade: Casino or any other gambling establishment offering slots only. This can be also a big group or row of slot machines located within a particular casino that also offers other games.

Slot Attendant: A casino worker who handles short pays, hand pays and jackpot payouts and paperwork.

Slot Cheater: A player who uses a mechanical or electronic device in order to gain an unfair advantage on the slot machine. Most jurisdictions consider slot cheating a felony offense.

Slot Club: A club that entitles slot players to comps. Players sign up for their slot club card at the casino guest relations desk. Players then insert their card into the machine’s card reader. The card records the player’s activity and holds player data, including comp points.

Slot Drop: Amount of money dropped into the slot machine.

Slot Floor: An area in casino with slot machines. Big casinos usually have different areas for all games – poker rooms, bingo lounges, table areas and slot floor. It is done not to distract the attention of players and make it easier for gamblers to find what they are looking for.

Slot Hold: The opposite of slot payout; this is the percentage that the house keeps.

Slot Machines: Most probably the reason why you are here. :-) Slot machines are also called slots, fruit machines, poker machines, video pokers, gaming machines etc. Do not forget to try our free unique slots!

Slot-Mix: Mixing loose slots and tight slots according to a slot placement plan. Loose slots are often placed in high-traffic locations to tempt casino patrons and encourage play.

Slot Placement: The physical location of slot machines, usually mixing tight slots and loose slots, and often placing loose slots in high-traffic locations.

Slot Schedule: Information, such as type of slot, coin denomination and winning amounts, posted on the front of each slot machine.

Slot Testing: System used by slot players. Slot testers play a single roll of coins all the way through without taking any winnings in an attempt to determine the possible payout for the slot machine.

Slot Ticket: In most modern casinos, a slot machine will print out a paper ticket for a player’s winnings instead of dropping metal coins into a hopper. Most slot tickets have expiration dates, so players are encouraged to cash in their tickets as early as possible.

Slot Tournament: Slot club members play against each other in free tournaments offered by the host casino. The machine’s credits count as a player’s tournament score. Slot tournament players often receive trophies as well as cash prizes.

Slot Types: Two major types: basic, straight, or flat-top, which pays out a static top jackpot, and progressive, which pays out a dynamic jackpot, dependent on coins taken in by a group of linked slot machines.

Sound of Rain: The sound of coins dropping after a payout from slot machine.

Sputtering Slot: Slot machine with a low average payout.

Stand Up: Slots that require players to stand while playing.

Static or Static Jackpot: A jackpot that is pre-determined and does not change.

Staggered Payout: A payout chart that gives more money to plays that included more coins. For instance, a large progressive jackpot would never be paid out to a player who only played one coin; they would have to play the max amount of coins to win big.

Stand Up or Upright: Slot machines without a stool. This are usually single slot machines installed at gas stations, bars, airports or slots in big casinos located along the ails or near the table area.

Stop Loss: You should always know your limit when to stop playing after losing certain preselected amount money when playing slots.

Straight Slots: Slot machines that pay out fixed amounts that are posted on the front of the machine.

Symbols: The pictures on the reels of slot machine used to determine wins. The traditional ones include stars, fruit and numbers, but today’s symbols can include just about anything that stays with the theme of the slot machine.



Take Cycle: A theory by slots players that a slot machine will not payout again after it has just made a payout. Because online casinos use RNG, this is a false assumption.

Taste: Small amount paid to players to keep them playing on a slot machine. This is a kind of a casino bonus or cashback. Taste is always paid to the members of casino slots clubs.

Theoretical Hold Worksheet: A paper that shows the payout percentage of a slot machine according to the manufacturers. It also can indicate the number of coins that can be played, the payout schedule and other important information about the slot machine.

Ticket In or Ticket Out Slots: Slot machines that receive tickets as inputs and provide cashable vouchers to winners, instead of coins.

Slots: Slots that offer higher payout but at lower chances of winning.

Tilt: A slot machine malfunction.

Token: A metal disc used in place of a coin. For token-driven machines, a change person can exchange a player’s cash for equivalent tokens.

Top Prize: The top payout, in coins on non progressive slots, playing max coins or max bet.



Up Slot: The slot machine has a high average payout.

Upright Slot Machines: Slot machines that are played while standing.



Video Slot or Video Slot Machine: Electronic slot machines that are the basis for online slots. Instead of mechanical reels, video slot machines use video screens to display symbols. In many cases, the video slot software will allow for fun character animations and special bonus games on a winning spin.

Volatility: The ratio of size versus frequency of jackpots in a slot game.



Wagering Requirements: This number tells you how many times you have to play free bonus money you received or deposit you made to receive such a bonus before you are allowed to make withdrawal. This feature is used to avoid abuse of some special bonus actions.

Weight Count: Refers to the way the amount of coins or tokens of $1 are measured with the use of a weigh scale. It is an American term.

Well: The container at the bottom of the slot machine where winning coins fall.

Wheel of Fortune Slots: One of the most popular slots machines that offers a huge jackpot.

Winning Combination: It is the combination of symbols on the reels that must hit on a slot machine in order for a payout to occur.

Winning Spin: Spin after you are awarded a winning combination.

Wild symbol: On some slot machines, this is a symbol that can be substituted for any other symbol in order for a payout to occur. There are also bonus symbols and scatter symbols in the newer more complex slot machines.

Wild or Wild Symbol: Facility available on some slots in which a given symbol can be used as a wild card to make a hit.

Win Rate: The rate or frequency at which a slot machine pays. Some slot machines may have a high win rate but low payouts for each win; others may have a low win at slots but higher payouts. It is also known as hit rate.

Window: In a mechanical slot machine, the glass opening that displays the results of a reel’s spin.

Winning Spin: It is the combination of symbols appearing on the reels that will cause the slot machine to dispense a payout. Many combinations will lead to winning spins, but only one will lead a to a jackpot win at slots.



Zombie: A slang term for a player who sits at the same slot machine and plays it over and over again, without switching slots, or play another variation thereof.